HMIS Module

CareScope HMIS is an effective weapon in the mission to eradicate homelessness. The CareScope Homeless Management Information System (CareScope HMIS) combines with the other modules of CareScope software to provide a unique and holistic framework for serving the homeless. It advances the transition from homelessness to permanent housing through the identification and utilization of community resources.

From a health care perspective, the homeless are a high-risk population to manage. CareScope HMIS tracks homeless data as well as medical data to facilitate continuity of care. Access and health concerns are addressed in coordination with homeless and environmental issues. When they have a safe place to go and access to care, the homeless are less likely to end up in the ER or admitted to the hospital and more likely to take care of their health issues.

As with all CareScope modules, HMIS is eminently customizable. Required fields can be identified so that only pertinent data must be keyed. There are over 100 canned reports, including the APR, AHAR, and other widely-used homeless reports. An ad hoc feature expands reporting capability with the option to build reports using selected fields.

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